Know What Are The Causes Of Body Swelling, Adopt these Domestic Ways

Jul 22 2019 07:51 PM
Know What Are The Causes Of Body Swelling, Adopt these Domestic Ways

Swelling of the body parts due to prolonged hanging of the foot or lack of movement in the body. It is often during the job where you just have to sit and work all day long. The main cause of inflammation is the discomfort present in the tukhes. Prolonged swelling can also cause difficulty in walking. If this happens to you, let's tell you how to remove them from home remedies.

the shrub holy basil
Tulsi consists of trannyn, savonin, glycoside and alcalides. which are helpful in fighting bacteria. You can drink a papdra made of basil leaves when inflamed. This will relax you.

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Daily empty stomach 2-3 raw garlic intake helps to eliminate stomach infections. Garlic is also beneficial when cooking food.

mustard oil
Mustard contains a variety of minirvanas that help to reduce inflammation. Add two to four garlic buds to mustard oil and heat it and massage it lightly in the swollen areas.

Turmeric has many properties which are very beneficial for our body. Add a light mustard oil or sesame oil to the turmeric powder and make a paste and put it in the inflamed place and dry it, remove it until it starts to dry itself and become crust.

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