Know when is Nirjala Ekadashi and its fast narrative

Jun 10 2019 06:53 PM
Know when is Nirjala Ekadashi and its fast narrative

According to the Padma Purana, the Ekadashi on the Shukla side of the senior month is called the Nirjala Ekadashi and with this the Ekadashi is known as Pandav Ekadashi and is said to be the most important of all the Ekadashi. It is said that the fasting one has to be fasted without water pours, and the festival of two Ekadashi takes place in a month. They celebrate 24 Ekadashi a year altogether. With this, the fruit of 24 ekadashi in all of these can be found by the vow of Nirjala Ekadashi. The vow of Nirjala Ekadashi this year is said to be put on June 13, 2019. Let us know the narrative of Nirjala vow.

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Bhimsen Vyas says : all of them ask them to vow Ekadashi and I tell them that I can do charity, Dakshina, worship, but cannot live without food. Bhimsen said, "If you consider the hell bad and the heavens to be good, do not take the day of the Ekadashi, Bhimsen say, ' Pitamah I cannot live a moment without food '." Bhimsen added that he pitamah no one vow Describe what to do once a year because I have a belly-name fire which is not cool without food.

Bhimsen, the name of the Ekadashi of the senior mother of Vyas Ji Speaks, Nirjala is called and you vow to do this ekadashi. He further said that the Ekadashi of the fasting is forbidden in the fasts of bathing and Achchmann. In this case, any person who does this vow has the attainment of heaven. In this way, Bhimsen, with the permission of Vyas Ji, made the vow in law, and since then, it has been called Bhimatini Ekadashi.

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