Know When Monsoon season is starting, Can do this Simple Tips

Jun 27 2019 09:21 PM
Know When Monsoon season is starting, Can  do this Simple Tips

You should tell everyone that the month of Shravan begins on 17th July 2019 and bringing the holy Shiva symbol or auspicious material home on the first day of the Shravan month is free from various problems, crises and hardships. Let's know how long.

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Wednesday, July 17, the first day of the Shravan month

Monday, 22 July Sawan Monday Vrat

Monday, 29 July Sawan Monday Vrat

Monday, 05 August Sawan Monday Vrat

Monday, 12 August Sawan Monday Vrat

Thursday, August 15, the last day of the month of Shravan

It is said that worshipping Bholanath during this time is a great benefit and you can make your life a success by making Bholaba happy these days. They say that the innocent Baba quickly hears the calls of his devotees and he does not disappoint his devotees. In this case, devotees can take a lot of measures to please the innocent Baba during the month of Sawan and also fast every Monday. In the month of Sawan, you offer Panchamrit on Shivling in the morning and make it consist of five elements of Panchamrit, including milk, curd, sugar, ghee and honey. At the same time, even if Lord Shiva is offered water and black sesame in a copper vessel every day, you will also benefit.

You can light lamps in front of the Shivling in the evening during the Sawan and offer rice to Suhb Shivling every day for wealth and property. At the same time, write 'Om Nam:Shiva' from sandalwood on 21 billboards in Sawan and offer it on Shivling. Doing so will fulfill all the wishes of the person. It is said that if one's marriage is hampered, he should add saffron to the Shivling in the savanna and offer milk.

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