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Know Your Daily Horoscope here


There's no doubt that you've been rather bad-tempered in recent days, but you're all sweetness and light again. In fact, you're prepared to live and let live at every opportunity, and will make a point of giving people the benefit of the doubt when necessary. This is also the perfect day for planning some future treats for yourself, especially if they involve travel.


Trust in what you believe Taurus because someone is giving you the wrong information. They might have accidentally got a story back to front, or they may be deliberately trying to pull the wool over your eyes. There could also be confusing when dealing with an official body or company, so take care.


Everything has extra intensity and meaning for you today, so you're taking it more seriously than usual. This could lead to some important encounters with people in which you seem to be communicating on a deeper level than normal, but it also has a tendency to make you slightly touchy and huffy. Try not to brood on slights or pointed remarks that probably don't really exist


There have been times this month when communications haven't always been very easy, but thankfully they get back to normal from today. This is especially good news for your social life because it means that talking to friends and family will stop being a struggle to make yourself understood and will become much more enjoyable and relaxing.


Today is urging you to tidy up any loose ends in your friendships. So what exactly does this entail? Well, if you owe a chum a letter it would be a good idea to get writing during the coming fortnight. If you're annoyed with someone, this is your chance to iron out the problems by discussing them. You may also revise your opinion of a particular friend.


This is the perfect day for building on the existing foundations of a relationship to make it stronger than ever. For instance, you might have a serious conversation with someone, which fosters a greater sense of intimacy and trust between you. Be prepared to let down your guard with this person, so you operate from the heart rather than from the head.


A loved one is rather down in the mouth today. Maybe things aren't going well for them and they're feeling sorry for themselves, or perhaps they're always a bit miserable. Well, do your best to cheer them up a little, otherwise you'll soon start to feel equally wretched yourself. You may also be feeling lonely and unloved, for no real reason.


You aren't always very happy about working in the background, out of the limelight, but that's exactly what you've got to put up with. There may be times when you feel you're slogging away for little or no reward, but it isn't really true. If it is, you need to start considering your options and what your next move should be


Someone dear to your heart is a joy to be around. They'll blossom in your company, as you will in theirs, and things will go swimmingly between you. However, it will be a different story if one of you feels you aren't getting the attention you need or deserve from the other one. Then you'll be much more demanding and insistent, leading to some tricky moments.


You'll enjoy keeping busy today, especially if you can let off steam at the same time. You might decide to go for a brisk walk during your lunch hour or visit the gym after work. It certainly isn't a good idea to be completely sedentary unless you have no choice in the matter because being too inactive could lead to a slight tendency to be irritable or impatient.


You need to work out a simple equation, comparing the amount of effort you put into your activities with the amount of satisfaction you get out of them. If you feel you have nothing to show for all your efforts then you must decide what you're going to do about it. You may find that the answer is much simpler than you first imagine.


This is another day when communications could easily go haywire, leading to all sorts of problems. Try not to make any new arrangements today because something could go wrong, forcing you to cancel the whole thing further down the line. You should also try to avoid writing any important letters or emails because they may contain errors or never reach their destination. 

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