Knowing the price of more than 40 species of pigeons your senses will fly away
Knowing the price of more than 40 species of pigeons your senses will fly away

Patna: Everyone is surprised to learn that Sitamarhi, Bihar, contains so many different species of pigeons. These unique pigeon species add to the opulence of the nawabs' residences. The Nawabs of Lucknow and Hyderabad order pigeons from here on a regular basis. Dhiraj Kumar of Sitamarhi's Pasauni block makes millions of rupees a year by raising and selling colourful exotic pigeons. Maskali, Lakka, Galla Phula, Lotan, Sunflower, Jagwin, and Italian pigeons are among the 40 kinds of pigeons found in Dhiraj. One of these birds can set you back at least Rs. 3500 and as much as Rs. 9,000. Pigeons have been in this trade for four generations of endurance.

Other cities, such as Lucknow and Hyderabad, as well as the most sought-after foreign countries, have high demand for these varieties of pigeons. The splendour between the Nawabs in the magnificent metropolis of Lucknow and Hyderabad is enhanced by this colourful foreign pigeon. The Lakka species pigeon has 52 wings and is excellent for paralysis treatment. The lakka pigeon's wings are incredibly attractive, and the air carried by its wings aids in the treatment of paralysed people. Lotan pigeon dancing birds may be seen there. He dances roughly 250 times on the ground after each dance.

Galla is represented by a flower-breeding pigeon that creates air in its body, making it suitable for football and other structures. Pigeon, with a brilliant sun-shaped form on the forehead of a sunflower pigeon, Jagbin, and Italian pigeon exhibition plant is pigeon. The same Italian who is a pigeon of Italy's unique kind. This pigeon is a relic of a previous deception letter to the Maharajas.

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