Kodi Ramakrishna :Eega was better than Baahubali
Kodi Ramakrishna :Eega was better than Baahubali

Ace Tollywood director Kodi Ramakrishna is the one more name in the list to criticize Baahubali. He is considered as first Indian film director to use high end graphics on silver screen. He is back with his movie 'Nagabharanam' which is all set to hit screens on October 14.

Kodi criticize Baahubali as only have graphics but no story by saying, "Graphics should be added to the story to enhance the visual appeal but a story should not be weaved around graphics. Baahubali belongs to the second category." 

"Padma Sri was awarded to Rajamouli for making Baahubali but I would have been much happier if the same recognition was given to him for making 'Eega', which caters to the category of addition of graphics to story,' he added".

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