Kolkata install two CNG pumps, plans for another five

Mar 23 2021 12:31 PM
Kolkata install two CNG pumps, plans for another five

India has a handful of CNG stations. Recently, Kolkata has joined the latest Indian city to have CNG pumps. The commercial launch of the pumps gets access to clean fuel CNG with two gas dispensing stations on the outskirts of the city.

Recently, two Compressed Natural Gas stations were opened in the city as per a PTI report. The pump is installed by Indian Oil Corp in New Town, the other is opened in Garia by BPCL. According to reports, GAIL and the West Bengal government joint venture Bengal Gas Company is supplying CNG. Officials said that this is just the start and at least five more CNG stations will be opened for commercial use in the future. In metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai CNG vehicles are quite common besides the rate of adoption in other parts of the nation is slow. The major challenge faced is to convince vehicle owners to make them switch because there are many misconceptions hosted about a CNG vehicle. This makes them stick with either petrol or diesel vehicles. Another hindrance can be the upfront cost of around ₹45,000 for a CNG kit. But the upfront cost of a CNG kit may be recovered in only a few years by owners.  

While car manufacturers are promoting company-fitted CNG kits then more pumps at convenient locations could also be a shot. The manufacturers include Maruti and Hyundai which are two of the biggest players in the passenger vehicle segment. Also, it's a great time to initiate as petrol and diesel prices have reached record highs, those with high driving distances each day stand to benefit by making use of CNG.

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