Koo App changed its look, offered the best browsing experience

 New Delhi: In a bid to give more importance and speed to creators, the multilingual micro-blogging platform Koo App has introduced a great browsing experience for its users on both iOS and Android devices. Attractive, intuitive and with better connecting to look at, this new design has been designed with special care of the users. This is a significant upgrade compared to its previous version, with the new interface making navigation easier with ease. It is designed to provide a great and contemporary experience to the users. And places this platform as a better-thought-out expert in the world of social media.

The new browsing experience of the Koo app improves the entire user interface. The left empty space of the app has been removed, which has now made the content spread from one edge to the other and this has made it easier for users to see the necessary information. It also reduces unnecessary content, making the app look neat. The experience of users is far more intuitive and uninterrupted. This experience focuses on increasing the use the most and the time users spend on the app.

Priyank Sharma, Design Head, Koo App, said, "The happiness of the users is the core of our brand's philosophy. Especially when it comes to our user interface, we constantly repeat the talk of giving our users the best experience. The introduction of a great browsing experience is the first step towards creating the best multilingual micro-blogging platform in the world. We have already received very good feedback from the community and this is only the beginning towards introducing a better browsing experience on the Koo app. "

 Koo App is the largest platform for self-expression in indigenous languages in India. It currently gives users the right to present their views and opinions in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, Assamese, Telugu, Punjabi and English. The platform works continuously to launch Mart features that improve the user experience and increase the enjoyment on the platform. Dark mode, talk-to-type, chat rooms, live are some of the major features that were launched recently.

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