Korean singer IU donates so many crores, everyone praises
Korean singer IU donates so many crores, everyone praises

Korean singer IU is very popular with his fans for his singing but he is also very fond of his generous heart. Once again the singer has done something that has become a topic of discussion everywhere.

127 lakh stake disputing to the poor: South Korean singer and actress IU continues to be in the news for her charity work more than she has achieved in the world of music. According to the report, Singer has recently donated Rs 127 million to Korea, a child fund.

According to a report by Korean Tabloid Sumpi, his agency EDAM Entertainment reported that iu has donated 100 million to cancer patients and children from poor families. Also, part of the donation is to be done by Childfund Korea for children from income families, winter clothes and salmon of need.

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