Kriti Sanon speaks of items songs and their comparison with the Khans!

Kriti Sanon in Bollywood's super hot and sexy actress never shies away from saying what she wants. Recently, Kriti has spoken about the item Song in films. Well, she gave the item dance in 'Kalank', which was also liked a lot. A hot act is called item dance, but why not an item if you do the same dance. That's what Kriti has expressed.

She explained why people call the items to make a cameo for a song. "I didn't understand why viewers call these songs ice songs," says Kriti.

"It's just a dance that is added to the movie only for fun. And these songs are loved by the people, yet why do they call them item numbers?" Kriti further said that "this is a bias when an act is working in such songs, but actors will never bear the brunt of such tags."

Kruti further said that "when Aamir Khan sir, Shah Rukh Khan sir or Salman Khan sir perform such special songs in films, they are never called item numbers."

Kriti Sanon has numbered items in two films so far. The first item of Kriti was the number one in the film Stree 'Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe' and the second was 'Aira Gaira' Song of the film Kalank, which was also liked by the audience. On the other hand, Kriti says that "if we do these songs to entertain the audience, I think we need to get some respect for it. She said this mindset needs to change."

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