KRK trolls Sara, says "Sara Ali Khan is very sad for killing Goerge in the USA "

Everyone is demanding justice for George Floyd. Bollywood celebs also condemned this incident in America. The 'Black Lives Matter' movement is going on social media and meanwhile, Sara Ali Khan posted a message giving the message of All Lives Matter on Insta.

She is being trolled a lot. Recently, Kamal Rashid Khan i.e. KRK targeted Sara Ali Khan. KRK has imitated Sara Ali Khan by mocking her. In this video,  KRK said- "Friends, Sara Ali Khan is very sad. Sara Ali Khan is very sad because of the blacks killed in America and the elephants killed in India. The poor thing is crying a lot. He is also very upset. When about 2 thousand women, children, old people and young men died while walking on the streets. Died in trains without food and water. But this poor person did not feel sad. This poor girl was sleeping. If she knew this, she would cry a lot. You should be ashamed a bit".

KRK has also acted crying. Many people are now commenting on KRK's video. A person wrote on his video "If he had done the same act in a movie, it would have been blockbuster". Sara had posted a picture in the past. In which she crossed the word black and wrote "All Lives Matter". 

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