Kubbra Sait had lost her versatility due to the father of 1 child, this is how the actress revealed
Kubbra Sait had lost her versatility due to the father of 1 child, this is how the actress revealed "

'Sacred Games' fame Kubra Sait has made a shocking revelation. In her book 'Open Book', the actress has narrated the pain of life, which even imagines it as a crime. Kubra Sait has to say that at the age of 17, he started sexually abusing her. This dirty work was not done by any stranger, but by his own uncle. Thinking of which even today Kubbra gets scared. Talking about that bad phase of life, Kubra wrote that once he went to a restaurant in Bangalore with his parents and brother. It was in this restaurant that she met a person who lovingly fed her family with great treatment.

The meeting for a moment slowly started turning into a deep relationship and that person became a part of their house. Kubra used to call that person Uncle, but his intentions were not good. So the man appealed to the actress to call him X. Kubbra laughed a lot on this too. Even his brother Danish had started making fun of that person. Kubbra and his family had absolutely no idea that the person to whom they were giving so much love and respect. One day the same person is going to take advantage of their compulsions. While narrating his ordeal, Kubbra narrated that a few years back his family had become infatuated with pies. That person helped him in difficult times, but he had to pay a big price for it. Taking advantage of the compulsions of the actress's family, that person one day while sitting in the car, did such an act, thinking about which any girl would get scared. Referring to that painful day, Kubbra has said that we were all sitting in the car and that man put his hand in my dress.

My Thai started to caress. The actress says that I was shocked to see all this. I could not understand what was happening with me. Continuing his point, Kubbra has said that the courage of that man had increased so much that he used to kiss on my cheeks in front of my mother. Meanwhile, the troubles of the actress' house were increasing. Nothing was right between his parents as well. Finding himself in trouble, Kubra sought help from the man. There was no second thought after that. That ill-intentioned person called the innocent Kubbra to the hotel in exchange for help. To save the house, Kubra started doing what he wanted at the behest of the person. In the hotel, the man opened the pants in front of Kubra and thus the actress lost her versatility. The man was married and had a child. Kubra does not want to remember the past, but some pains are never forgotten. More Power To You Girl!

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