Terror of snakes: One by one, many poisonous snakes started coming out of the house, stir

Nowadays, many shocking cases related to snakes are coming to the fore. In such a situation, the matter that has come up recently is also shocking. This case is of the Aurangabad village of the Lakhimpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Here 18 black cobra snakes have been found in a house, which has now created an atmosphere of panic among the people. It is being told that there is an atmosphere of fear among people due to the presence of such a large number of snakes in the house. 18 snakes have come out from the house in two days and the villagers have called snake charmers, jogis to the forest department for help. Although till now no one is aware that where did these snakes come from?

The case is in Aurangabad town in the Magalganj police station area of the Lakhimpur Kheri district. Here Parashuram Gupta, a resident of the Aurangabad village of the Pasgwan development block, lives with his wife and two children. Suddenly one by one black snakes came out of Parashuram's house. In about two days, 18 black cobra snakes have been found and seeing such a large number of snakes, the family members started screaming out of fear. On seeing the snake catcher expert was called, he first caught the snakes and kept them in a bucket, then locked them in a plastic bag and left them in the forest.

Even after getting about 18 snakes, more snakes have been found coming out of Parashuram's house and now the whole family is scared. In this matter, Parashuram says that he has continuously informed the Forest Department about it. However, until the people of the Forest Department arrived, more snakes started coming out. These black snakes are very poisonous and there is a fear of biting them. In this case, Parashuram told that a black snake was seen roaming in the house since Friday morning.

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