This is the first woman porter of Bhopal, 'Lakshmi Badge number 13'

Sep 23 2019 10:41 AM
This is the first woman porter of Bhopal, 'Lakshmi Badge number 13'

Bhopal: When courage is high, then the biggest problem seems to be small. But if the situation tries to dominate, then it is the woman who faces it without fear. We are going to tell you about a woman who did not gave up in any circumstance. In the struggle to raise a family and give a good future to the child, she had to fight against difficult circumstances. This woman bears the burden of others. The woman's name is Lakshmi, who is the first female porter of Bhopal.

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After the sudden death of her husband, Lakshmi had no other choice. She had no place to stay. Her child was studying in a government school, but there was no money to pay his fees. Lakshmi, who once reached the husband's house with great desires, could not see anything other than darkness. Her husband was Rakesh Kuli, after the sudden death of her husband, her friends advised Lakshmi to talk to the railway authorities. Railway officials cited the rules and Lakshmi got the badge number 13. This badge number 13 has become the identity of Lakshmi at Bhopal station.

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Lakshmi is the first female porter of Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Lakshmi comes to Bhopal railway station to do night duty every day. Duty starts at 6 pm which lasts till late at night. Lakshmi says that her compulsion to become a Coolie is because she wants to give a good career to her child. Like everyone, she too has seen the dream of sending her child to a good school, making him a big man. She wants to fulfil this aspiration, but it is not possible without government assistance.

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