Ear's Hair fades beauty, know the laser hair Tips

Jul 07 2019 05:42 PM
Ear's Hair fades beauty, know the laser hair Tips

You may have seen many people have hair on their ears. Now-a-days, the fashion age is so high that even boys don't shy away from it. In such a way the hair of the ears reduce the beauty. The ear hair sits on the outer edges of the ear. Ear hair is directly genetic problem. There are many options like trimming and twiring to get rid of ear hair. 

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You can use a battery trimmer three times a week to remove ear hair. You should not cut these hair with scissors. This may cut your ears.

Hair Removal Cream
This is the simplest way but it can open you up and make the ear part sensitive. Also cream can go into the ear, which can damage the delicate skin inside.


It's easy to use. But it takes a lot of time and is painful. This can lead to hair-follicle damage, which can lead to infection.

These beauty products are harmful to the Sensitive skin

Laser Removal
It is a cosmetic procedure. Laser Hair Removal Device is a laser medical device that issues a laser beam of Wavelength 810 Nm, which eliminates hair follicles without damaging the skin. The hair should be shaved with a razor before using it. The laser handpie is then placed directly above the ear after a laser shot that is painless. It should be done once a month.

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