Lata didi, the singer of music, was very fond of this thing
Lata didi, the singer of music, was very fond of this thing

The singer of vocals, Lata Mangeshkar has now said goodbye to this world. But he has many such golden memories, which will always be with us. From yesterday till now, we have seen and read a lot about Lata didi. But in reality, the more you are going to understand about them, the less it seems. Lata didi was such a person, about whom whatever is known or understood, will also fall short. There is no doubt that there will be many of you who know very well about the likes and dislikes of Lata Mangeshkar. But there are still many things about him, about which few people know.

There was a shortage of money in the house, but the flight of his dreams was very high. That's why he never stopped dreaming. Born in a middle class family, Lata Mangeshkar was very fond of Diamond. He had also mentioned this during an interview given to the media many years ago. In which he said that since childhood he was very fond of diamonds.

Lata Mangeshkar's love for Diamond: In the midst of interviews given to the media, Lata Mangeshkar has said, 'I had a lot of grief for diamonds since childhood. As a child, my father used to design jewellery. But we were not able to buy them. She had a good taste for jewelry and was also fond of wearing precious stones. But until I became a playback singer, I refused to wear jewellery. Having further said that 'I decided that I would only wear a diamond ring. That's why I bought gold jewelery for my mother from the first salary. Along with that a diamond ring for yourself. This ring was a specially designed ruby ​​and diamond ring with 'LM' written on it. During the interview, Lata didi also said that this ring was one of her most prized possessions, which she always had with her.

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