Lata Mangeshkar dies due to multiple organ failure, know what is it and who is most at risk

Today the music queen Lata Mangeshkar has passed away. Today i.e. Sunday morning she has said goodbye to the world. According to the report of a famous website, the cause of his death has been given as Multiple Organ Failure. On the other hand, the report of the National Institute of Health says that most of the deaths in ICU are due to multiple organ failures. Dr. is treating Lata Mangeshkar at Breach Candy Hospital. Pratit Samdani has said in his statement, post-Covid, she died due to multiple organ failure after being treated in the hospital for 28 days. This is a condition when many parts of the body gradually stop working. In such a situation, the result remains that the patient has to face many problems simultaneously. Now today we know what is multi-organ failure? And how to understand its symptoms?

What is multi-organ failure?- When two or fewer organs in the body stop working together, this condition is called multiple organ failure or multiple organ dysfunction syndromes (MODS). Yes, and in such cases, the immune system, which protects against diseases, including many parts of the body, is badly affected.  

How to understand its symptoms- According to the NCBI report, the condition of multiple organ failure has a direct adverse effect on the hematologic, immune, cardiovascular, respiratory and endocrine systems. Yes, and this causes many kinds of problems in the patient at the same time. As a result, the situation becomes serious. On the other hand, the expert says that its symptoms can appear differently in patients, depending on the extent to which the patient's internal organs are affected. Symptoms include not urinating throughout the day, not being able to breathe easily, feeling extreme pain in the muscles or feeling of trembling or tremor in the body. At the same time, NCBI's report says, in such a situation, many important organs like the heart, lungs, kidneys are directly affected, so the patient's condition becomes serious.   

Who is at risk - The risk of multiple organ failure is the highest in two types of patients. First, in this list, it is most relaxed in those people who have low levels of immunity in their bodies. Those who have more fear of having any kind of internal injury.  

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