Lyricist made dirty attempt with Lata Mangeshkar, singer said 'Don't forget I am Maratha'
Lyricist made dirty attempt with Lata Mangeshkar, singer said 'Don't forget I am Maratha'

Lata Mangeshkar has said goodbye to the world. Today she has passed away. At the age of 92, Lata Mangeshkar has said goodbye to the world. She was infected with Corona and was undergoing treatment for almost a month. She was admitted to Breach Candy Hospital and finally, Lata said goodbye to the world after battling the disease at this stage of her age. Now today after her death, many stories related to her have come into the discussion. It is said that if someone praised Lata Mangeshkar for something, then Lata would give that thing to them. Yes, and it was a matter of those days when the film 'Mahal' was being made.

At a meeting for a song from the film at that time, lyricist Nakshab praised Lata's gleaming new pen. In such a situation, Lata gave him the pen saying 'Take it, keep it'. At that time Lata forgot that her name was engraved on that pen. In such a situation, at that time, she had no idea that this songwriter's intention was something else. It is said that Nakshab started showing everyone in the film industry that there is 'something going on' between them. "I started saying that. However, Lata thought it was right to keep quiet in this matter because she knew that if she tried to prove him a liar, the quarrel would increase and people would have fun.

In such a situation, once again in another recording, the Nakshab collided again. He started showing that Lata had fallen in love with him and because of this after the recording started, he used to enter her booth in between and insist on singing by drowning with her. He used to say a lot but Lata doesn't pay attention. In the end, the limit was reached on the day when these lyricists suddenly reached Lata's house and Lata was playing with the sisters in the courtyard of her Nana Chowk house.

Once talking about this, Lata herself had told, 'If I was alone, I could have been in trouble due to his coming, but in front of my sisters, I did not want to hear a word from that clingy man. I took him on the road. Angrily, tying the pallu of the sari in my waist, I asked how he dared to come to my house without my permission. I threatened him, 'If I see you here again, I will throw you in pieces in this gutter. Don't forget that I am Maratha. After that, the lyricist did not come again.

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