Why is World Pharmacist Day observed?

Sep 25 2020 02:02 AM
Why is World Pharmacist Day observed?

World Pharmacist Day is observed worldwide on 25 September every year. It is observed to show the value of the pharmacy profession for improving the health sector in the world. The FIP Council in Istanbul, Turkey, declared World Pharmacist Day on 25 September 2009. The same is done to increase awareness in the world. On this day, the FIP appeals to pharmacists to organize such events to make individuals aware of the role of pharmacists in the health sector.

FIP stands for International Pharmaceutical Federation. It is an organization representing pharmacy and pharmaceutical science globally. This NGO was established in 1912. It is headquartered in the Netherlands. It was developed to meet the world's health monitoring, needs and expectations. It represents four million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists worldwide through its 140 national organizations, educational institutions and individual members.

Chairman, Dr Carmen Pena, said that "We want to show that pharmacists are the backbone of healthcare in many different settings. This knowledge of the people should be applied through science and research. With their knowledge, the next generation should be educated and the needs of the patients should be converted into services. It is very important for us to be aware".

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