Learned to steal on youtube.. and blew away 10 crore diamonds and gold jewelry
Learned to steal on youtube.. and blew away 10 crore diamonds and gold jewelry"

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Police has arrested a youth who robbed 15 kg of gold from a jewelery shop in Vellore. The police were stunned to learn that he had learned how to rob through YouTube. After a five-day intensive search operation, the police nabbed the accused who carried out the robbery at a jewelery shop in Vellore.

Actually, on December 15, information about the robbery was received from Alukkas Jewelery Shop. 15 kg gold jewelery was looted. The CCTV footage showed a man wearing a lion mask, using spray paint to try to stop the recording of CCTV cameras and then commit the robbery. There were many questions in the mind of the police regarding this robbery incident, such as why no person was able to sound the alarm and no one from the area found anyone suspicious. The police scrutinized around 200 CCTV footages. On Monday, five days of hard work of the police was successful. The accused has been identified as 22-year-old Tikharam of Kuchipalayam village.

On questioning, the police were stunned to learn that Tikharam had planned and executed the robbery after watching the video on YouTube. Preliminary investigation revealed that Tikharam took 10 days to make a hole in the wall of the jewelery shop, to ensure that there was no noise. After this the accused also learned on YouTube how to hide his identity and block CCTV. Teekharam had also bought machines to melt the gold and hid them in the Odukathur crematorium. However, Tikharam got caught in the trap of the police, who wanted to become wealthy as soon as possible. Gold and diamond ornaments worth about Rs 10 crore have been found from him. A case has been registered against him under sections 457 and 380 of IPC.

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