If you want to avoid corona virus, then skip these 5 things
If you want to avoid corona virus, then skip these 5 things

These days the coronavirus is not taking the name of havoc and many people have died due to this epidemic. The Ministry of AYUSH of India is advising people to consume things that increase immune power at this time. Today we are going to tell you about some such things which are slowly hollowing your body from inside. In this period, you should not consume them.

Candies - Long-term consumption of things like candies and jellies can affect your health badly. Sugar-filled candies cause inflammation and this further affects the health by weakening the white blood cells. This causes many diseases.

Strawberries - Strawberries are not right for health. Too much intake of strawberries can reduce your immunity. With this, very few people know that strawberries release a component called histamine, which leads to congestion and an increase in histamine can cause you nasal disorders.

Coffee - Excess intake of coffee can cause inflammation. Actually, the reason is that coffee contains caffeine and excessive intake of coffee can cause indigestion, flatulence and stomach upset.

Chips - The amount of salt and fat in chips is high due to which there is a risk of many serious problems.

Ice Cream - Ice cream is made of sugar, fat cream and milk. Due to this, the amount of saturated fat in it is the high and frequent intake of it can cause you swelling.

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