Study Reveals Diabetic Men Are at Higher Risk of This Serious Disease Than Women
Study Reveals Diabetic Men Are at Higher Risk of This Serious Disease Than Women

A recent study has revealed that men suffering from diabetes are at a higher risk of developing severe health complications compared to women. Researchers from the University of Sydney found that men are more likely to experience diabetes-related conditions affecting the heart, feet, kidneys, and eyes, regardless of the duration of their diabetes.

Study Overview
The research included 25,713 participants, all over the age of 45, suffering from either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. These individuals were monitored for diabetes-induced health complications over a period of 10 years through surveys, which were then correlated with their medical records.

Findings on Heart-Related Diseases
The study revealed that 44% of men experienced cardiovascular complications such as stroke and heart failure, compared to 31% of women. These findings have been published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.

Kidney and Foot Diseases
According to the research, 25% of diabetic men developed foot-related problems, whereas this was observed in 18% of women. Additionally, 35% of men suffered from kidney diseases, in contrast to 25% of women.

Comparative Risk Analysis
The study indicates that men with diabetes are 51% more likely to develop heart-related issues and 55% more likely to suffer from kidney diseases than women with diabetes.

Eye-Related Diseases
The risk of foot problems among diabetic patients was found to be 47% higher in men. However, when it came to eye diseases, the difference between genders was minimal. The study showed that 57% of men and 61% of women had a likelihood of developing eye-related issues.

This extensive research underscores the need for gender-specific approaches in managing diabetes and its complications.

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