Lebanon’s former PM declares boycotting elections, quitting from politics

BEIRUT, LEBANON: Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri has urged on his Future Movement party members to boycott the next parliamentary elections. "We will continue to serve our people," Hariri stated in a live televised address, "but we have decided to suspend any role in power, politics, or parliament."

According to reports, Hariri, a senior Lebanese Sunni politician, said he succeeded in preventing a fresh civil war in Lebanon but was unable to offer the people with the better life he promised.

In light of Iranian influence, sectarianism, and the breakdown of the state, he warned, there will be little hope for Lebanon.

Recalling his deceased father, Rafik Hariri, the three-time prime minister stated that when he entered politics, he had two goals: prevent another civil war in Lebanon and provide a better life for Lebanese. "I succeeded in the first one, but not enough in the second," Hariri said from his home in Beirut's downtown district.

Hariri's reputation has been tarnished in recent years after he made repeated concessions to Hezbollah and its allies. He used to have good ties with the West and the Gulf.

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