LG Launches Cutting-Edge Curved OLED Gaming Monitors in India
LG Launches Cutting-Edge Curved OLED Gaming Monitors in India

New Delhi: LG Electronics has taken the Indian gaming community by storm with the introduction of two premium curved OLED gaming monitors, marking a significant stride in visual excellence and performance-driven gameplay.

Leading the charge is the remarkable LG UltraGear 45GR95QE, a 45-inch curved OLED gaming monitor boasting a cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio and WQHD (3,440 x 1,440) resolution. With a mind-blowing 240Hz refresh rate and a swift 0.03ms (GTG) response time, this gaming marvel ensures that every frame is captured with impeccable precision.

Not to be outdone, the LG UltraGear 27GR95Q seizes the spotlight with its 27-inch curved OLED display, presenting a vivid 16:9 aspect ratio and QHD (2,560 x 1,440) resolution. Its impressive 240Hz refresh rate and rapid 0.1ms (GtG) response time cater to the demands of competitive gamers, guaranteeing an ultra-smooth and responsive gaming experience.

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Both monitors deliver a stunning 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, accompanied by an impressive 98.5% DCI-P3 coverage and HDR 10 support, ensuring that every visual detail pops with vibrant clarity. The inclusion of gaming-focused features like NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, and the Black Stabilizer mode empowers gamers to conquer their virtual realms with an unparalleled competitive edge.

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The LG UltraGear 45GR95QE is priced at Rs. 2,29,990, while the LG UltraGear 27GR95Q offers an enticing option at Rs. 1,09,990. These cutting-edge monitors are now available for purchase through LG's official website and authorized retailers, putting the power of unparalleled gaming performance at your fingertips.

Whether you're a casual gamer seeking breathtaking image quality or a dedicated esports enthusiast hungry for every millisecond advantage, these curved OLED monitors have you covered. The immersive experience delivered by the curved OLED panel, combined with the lightning-fast refresh rate and response time, ensures an unrivaled gaming adventure. LG continues to redefine gaming excellence, ushering in a new era of visual mastery for Indian gamers.

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