LIC's IPO will be released today, know everything from how to apply

New Delhi: The waiting time is over, from today retail investors will be able to apply in the country's largest LIC IPO. Actually, LIC's IPO will be open for common investors from May 4 to May 9, during which you will be able to apply in this IPO. Three categories have been fixed in LIC's IPO for retail investors, policy holders, LIC employees and general investors. There are many types of questions in the minds of common investors before applying that how much money they will have to invest in applying in this IPO. Also, how many shares are they likely to get? Let us know the answers to all these questions-

If you have taken LIC policy, that is, you are LIC insurance holder, then you will get price discount with reservation in IPO. LIC policy holder will be given 10 percent reservation in this IPO. Apart from this, there will be a concession of Rs 60 per share in the IPO for policy holders. Let us now know that if you are a LIC policy holder, then how much money will have to be invested for a lot in IPO. The price band of LIC IPO is in the range of Rs 902 to Rs 949, and there is a lot of 15 shares. If you apply in the IPO under the policy holder quota, then according to the upper price band (949-60=889×15= Rs 13,335) i.e. a total of Rs 13,335 will have to be invested. In this way, the policy holder will get a total discount of Rs 900 on the application of one lot IPO.

At the same time, LIC employees will get a discount of Rs 45 per share for applying in this IPO. That is, according to the upper price band, they will have to pay Rs 13560 on the application of one lot. Retail investors and LIC employees will save Rs 675 on applying one lot. If you are not an LIC policy holder and employee, then according to the upper price band, Rs 14,235 will have to be paid. The issue size of the IPO is Rs 21,000 crore, and around 22.14 crore shares will be sold through the IPO.

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