Life Of a Young Budding Popular Singer and Music Producer Chetan Soni
Life Of a Young Budding Popular Singer and Music Producer Chetan Soni

Chetan Kumar Soni known professionally as Chetan Soni , Popular Singer and Music Producer from the state of Rajashtan, India  He is recently in Delhi. 

Chetan Soni, who is from the pink city area of Jaipur, went to Delhi  for Music Production Course.He dream of becoming a Bollywood singer and music producer despite facing several challenges, he never gave up his passion for singing.

"My passion drove me towards singing and I went to Delhi and pursued music production courses from there. It was tremendous and hectic, but I had my family's support,"said. Soni

On being featured "I have a passion for serving poor people '. This is the first time my interview with Megazone Bollywood 104.8FM that someone has been featured in this interview was 10th of November,2020. and it's a big thing. I'm proud of being a part of this international Interview and I want to make India proud."

He said he wants to get launched in Bollywood and do something for Jaipur is always in my heart and I want to make Jaipur and India proud," he said. The singer was inspired by megastar Sonu Nigam and decided to join the film industry.

He said that he bagged several projects, but they were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the singer is soon expected to be seen on the silver screen.

"I'm about to get launched in Bollywood. I have many projects that will be launched by YouTube Channel. he said.
"My inspiration is my Father and Sonu Nigam since childhood. I haven't met Sonu Nigam him in person yet but I got a lot of chances to meet Suresh Wadkar and got an opportunities to see him but one day definitely,I will meet respectively Sonu Nigam Ji.

He said "I have grown up watching and listening singing because my father and my grandmother is a devotional singer and my mother always support me as a friend. My message to youth is "Do what you wish to do; don't think about what others think of you and follow your passion," said Chetan Soni.

He continues to dream of making it big in the entertainment industry and inspire the youth who also want to join the industry. He also wants to start his own Music Production House to perform music for live audience and collab recordings.Audition for positions in corporates, orchestra,choruses,band,and other types of music group. He said, 'that practice playing instruments or singing to improve their technique.

Rehearsal to prepare for performances find ans book locations for performance or concert. He said,"Travel, sometimes great distances to venues. Promote their career by maintaining a website or social media presence or by doing photo shoot and Interviews. In some cases, musicians and singers write.

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