Life Of Model Turned Entrepreneur, Motivational Writer And Speaker Rajiv Adatia: Initiating A Ray Of Hope For Those Enclosed In Darkness
Life Of Model Turned Entrepreneur, Motivational Writer And Speaker Rajiv Adatia: Initiating A Ray Of Hope For Those Enclosed In Darkness

Having lost his father at the tender age of 18, life wasn’t so fulfilling for Rajiv Adatia in those early years. Along with the incomparable emotional grief, he was also burdened with other responsibilities which came to him as a sudden shock. Nevertheless, with a heavy heart and a firm mind, Rajiv Adatia started modeling in London with various national and international brands, side by side completing his education in Psychology and Performing Arts. Immediately after completing his studies, he engaged himself in businesses and became an entrepreneur. In an attempt to establish a stable career, he aligned himself with a wedding decor company called ‘Wed in Style’. Being the hardworking and diligent person he has always been, Rajiv indulged in lots of production activities and even started an event company, working with many Bollywood and Hollywood artists. Owing to his establishment in this field, he started getting involved in the Mumbai film industry and also gained experience in the everyday life of it.

Pertaining to his involvement around so many people, there was always a small but unsettling thought at the back of his mind which said that something was missing in his life, something Rajiv Adatia was badly yearning for! And this thought was there to stay. In his very conscious, he always wanted to extend a helping hand to people, regarding everything that affected them on a routine basis - help them deal with all the disturbing thoughts and situations that could affect their very living. Being aware of the social media era, Rajiv Adatia knew the alarmingly bothersome level of judgments, criticism, and self-doubt that everyone goes through. The need for a good escape and peace of mind is highly required and obvious. Reflecting on his own experiences and life instances, he always trusted the power of words. As Adatia quotes, “the power of words is so strong; I always felt that they helped me heal from the things I was going through!” With that realization, he knew what his inner voice was trying to emphasize - his calling for motivational writing and speaking. With the thought of giving it back to the world, he was sure that this would bring him a sense of fulfillment, exposing the people around him to a different perspective towards things, which was much more positive and encouraging.

Rajiv Adatia firmly believes that positive thinking holds the road of healing for all minds, souls, and human bodies. Changing the narrative from negative to positive can initiate that vibrational energy everyone is in search of. Addressing the way of life and the way people think and observe the world is how he wants to take up the cause. The goal is to bring people closer to real happiness and not the mirage of it as Rajiv Adatia says - “Happy people mean healthy people.”

With a plan of writing a book, Rajiv Adatia earnestly wants to incorporate all his knowledge, also bringing in influential personalities from the film industry for raising awareness and supporting those suffering from depression and anxiety.

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