Lifestyle: Building better mental health through second Covid wave

PC THOMAS - After battling loneliness, joblessness and pay cuts for the last one year since the Covid-19 outbreak, it is time for people to keep tranquil as the second wave of virus threatens to upset lives and livelihoods once again, including our relationships with other people in our communities, our homes and our workplaces.

Awfully, people are once again feeling depressed or bored. Some people are determined to challenge the flexible management of works keeping social distancing regulations, some are working safely from home, some have taken the first doze of vaccine keeping some confidence, some have taken both the dozes and believing they are protected, some are in quarantine and some are distracted themselves for not meeting their loved ones and may be getting bored with each other's company. Anyway, social quarantine should not prevent you from keeping up solid, healthy connections with others. Everyone can boost their resilience, keep mental balance by engaging themselves into skill development activities to add years to their life.

In this Covidian social distancing time, it is necessary for you to do each possible extent to keep up your physical fitness and emotional wellbeing.  This, in turn, will assist you with a positive mentality to keep your relations upbeat and solid. But how would we go about it? During social distancing, it is imperative to seek approaches to support your mental well-being. You can do this by keeping your mind involved and finding inventive approaches to keep up your social life.

Social distancing and seclusion can be hazardous unless people work to maintain their connections with others. Even if you are encircled by family members at home, tensions will come up and relationships can be strained. Therefore, it is necessary to nurture relationships outside the home, even if you cannot see them face-to-face.

Social distancing is changing the manner in which we live, yet it does not need to change our companionships, sentimental connections. Whatever be the case in your life, you have to believe that this hard situation will defiantly become smoother and you will overcome the crisis if you keep up healthy protocols. Hence, rather than getting hindered with depressing thoughts, utilize this time to work on your healthy relationships and build beautiful memories.

During this isolation, anyone can maintain his skill development through reading books,  writing something, brushing up vocabularies, improve his proficiency and share his knowledge and reflections with his friends which will enhance knowledge of people, society, history and culture. It will also expand your minds, and can also give you a sense of accomplishment during these depressing times.

If you want to experience mental and spiritual peace, put on some Yoga, music or give meditation a try. Meditation and prayers will also help you reduce stress, boost energy, develop an immune system to combat the virus attack. Choosing any of these activities will give you peace of mind and enable you to do complete justice to your free time. You can also explore many other activities in line with your taste and aptitude.

An honest assessment of these areas in your life needs consideration for your mental health. A helpful spot to assess yourself is to consider the areas of your life where you are feeling depleted. At the point when you begin assessing how you can honour your needs and start to take action in these areas, you begin to build trust with yourself and boost your self- compassion.

We shall also boost our resilience, which is our single best weapon for dealing with stress, by being grateful for things we have, and not focusing on what we do not. Even if those difficult moments seem to break us, we have incredible strength within us that can move us forward. Although many unforeseen transformations are brought to our lifestyle, we can use this time more effectively, and the crisis can be changed into an opportunity to better the quality of our lives! Indeed an opportunity for private victories!

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