Lifestyle habits to improve the appearance of your skin and hair .

One would’ve never thought that a simple tying of the ponytail could actually cause damage to the roots of the hair. Or maybe sleeping for fewer hours at night can actually cause breakouts. There’s no doubt that due to increasing work pressures, there is no fixed time for sleep. But one must know that sleep is essential as it seems to be the only solution for various health issues. From acne and breakouts to weight loss, sleep keeps one’s body healthy and happy. One must get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every day.

Don’t comb wet hair

Wet hair is vulnerable and susceptible to breakage. Let your hair air-dry and then brush it out. Meanwhile, reduce combing your hair to just once a day for smooth distribution of natural oils.

Tight hairstyles

While prepping your hair every day, opt for hairstyles that are not too tight. Messy buns and ponytails are great for everyday looks.

Eating at regular intervals

Physical appearance also has a lot to do with mental health too. If you’re mentally happy, it reflects on your skin. Eat food that makes you happy while also being wise in choosing the right items for your body.

Staying active

Instead of rigorous workouts, keeping your body going is the best way of staying in shape and getting rid of pumping up the adrenaline, and having a proactive lifestyle. Take out at least 30 minutes of the day by investing in a workout routine to help you stay away from the screen and give your body its desired rejuvenation. 

Drinking lots of liquids

Drinking lots of liquids keeps your body hydrated and your skin moisturized.  Start your day with water and let that be the first drink you have. One can also incorporate vegetable smoothies, yoghurt drinks, and lemon water to avoid dehydration. Drinking liquids maintain your weight.


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