Meet Momodou Saidykhan, aka Moddz, taking over the online entrepreneurial world as a true blue professional.


 Life takes individuals through different journeys and expeditions and places them in front of different opportunities or situations as well. What an individual chooses helps him decide his future and define the professional he wishes to become in life. Similar is the story of a young online entrepreneur, who has now taken the reselling industry to the next level with his passion, determination and relentless efforts; he is Momodou Saidykhan, aka Moddz, who is a 24-year-old Gambian youngster who moved to the UK at the age of 10.
Moddz went to Northumbria University to study Biomedical Science and little did he know then that life had much bigger plans for him, where he could thrive off of his creative ideas and become his own boss by getting into the online entrepreneurial space by reselling trainers. Moddz, after graduating from the university, began putting all his efforts into growing his business, which he even scaled to over 6-figures. This early success brought early recognition for the young talent, who was then featured on 'BBC Ones Inside Out' that aired a short film in early 2020, showcasing his success in the trainer selling industry. Earlier this year, he even received investment alongside two Individuals, and together they created a multimillion-pound luxury goods marketplace called 'Elusive' that is driven to predominantly sell limited edition Trainers and luxury branded watches. 
Elusive resells limited-edition trainers such as Jordan's and Yeezys, catering to both men and women and also have enthralled people with their timeless timepieces. Today, Moddz is raising the bar for other aspiring reselling entrepreneurs through Elusive. He just loves the fact that he is his own boss and has full control over his life and the decisions he makes. Moddz believes that his ability to acquire the number of trainers, even in those brands that seem unattainable, has helped him stand unique in the industry. Also, he has a growing list of clientele worldwide, who purchase from him multiple trainers at bulk prices to resell in their respective countries.
Interestingly, Moddz had started with a £3,000 student loan and now exceeds sales in the 7figure range. This has happened in just four years of his being in the industry, proving his expertise and excellence. Moddz wants to keep growing as an entrepreneur and take Elusive to newer levels of success in the coming years. To know more, follow him on Instagram @moddz96 or visit the website, 

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