Lion using a public toilet, video went viral

There are a lot of shocking cases coming to light from all over the world. Now, this time also, a shocking case has come to light. In fact, you may be shocked to see what has happened this time. A strange video is currently going viral and the video is of the King of the forest Babbar Sher. You can see a public toilet appearing in this video and the strange thing in the video is that a Babbar lion is seen coming out of this washroom instead of humans. Yes, you won't believe your eyes, but it's true. It has quite surprised everyone ever since social media users watched the video and people present there have also been scared.


This strange video has been recorded during a jungle safari and the video saw the king of the forest leaving the toilet. This recording has been done from a moving car. As the car approaches a public toilet, it is seen the lion getting out of the toilet door.

You can see this video shared on the social media platform Twitter account. In the video, the caption reads, 'Loo is not always safe & reliever for humans, sometimes it can be used by others too...' Now some people are enjoying this video and some are surprising. Commenting on this a user, wrote, 'Brother when did the animals start going in the public washroom.' At the same time, another user wrote, 'The place where this washroom is made used to be for animals earlier, so maybe this lion has gone to check whether humans have maintained its place properly or not.' Many users have commented like this.

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