Liquor businessman did scam of 1.5 crore rupees, arrested

Feb 27 2020 03:12 PM
Liquor businessman did scam of 1.5 crore rupees, arrested

Bhopal: In this case, the liquor businessman Dileep Shivhare, who was absconding for nearly two months, has been arrested by the Habibganj police from Jabalpur. He went there to hear of a criminal case. Meanwhile, the police arrested him. At the same time, Habibganj police has taken a day's police remand from the accused.

According to Habibganj TI Rakesh Srivastava, the December fraud case was filed by the Habibganj police against liquor businessman Dilip Shivhare. In which the police took this action on the complaint of contractor Ashok Dubey. In the year 2018, Dileep had cheated one and a half crore rupees from Ashok by advising him to partner in the contract of Excise Department. After this, Ashok did not get any share nor did he get any profit share.

Accused Dilip Shivhare was accused of embezzlement of 1.25 crore in Shahpura and another case was filed. At the same time, he has got bail in both. After his arrest, the court sought remand for questioning him in some cases. After interrogating the accused, new information can be obtained in many cases.

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