Lisa Marie Presley's Death Revealed in Los Angeles
Lisa Marie Presley's Death Revealed in Los Angeles

New Delhi:- The Los Angeles County coroner's office announced that Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of rock and roll legend Elvis, died of an intestinal blockage.

The constipation was the result of adhesions caused by weight loss surgery she had undergone several years earlier.

Presley, who was also active as a singer, died on January 12 after being admitted to a hospital in California. She was 54 years old.

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Her last public appearance was at her Golden Globe Awards ceremony two days before her death. Local officials said a first responder was sent to her home in Calabasas at the time of Presley's death and found her in cardiac arrest. 

On Thursday, the coroner ruled that she died of natural causes and that the cardiac arrest was caused by a "small bowel obstruction."

It occurs when the small intestine becomes blocked as a result of adhesions (scar tissue) that form after colon cancer, medication, or surgery. Some diseases that irritate the intestines can also cause small bowel obstruction.

In Presley's case, the report points out that her adhesions were caused by weight-loss surgery, called bariatric surgery, which she underwent several years ago. "This is a known long-term complication for this type of surgery," the coroner's report said. 

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Angelique Campen, an emergency room physician at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California, told the BBC's US affiliate CBS that deaths from small bowel obstruction are rare.

In many cases, the patient will experience severe pain and end up in the hospital. Singer-songwriter Presley was eventually buried next to her son Benjamin Keough, who took his own life in 2020.

After her death, her mother, Priscilla Presley, filed a lawsuit challenging the validity of her will, alleging she was unaware of the 2016 amendment on behalf of Lisa Marie's estate.

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Instead, the amendment named Benjamin Keough and his daughter Riley as joint trustees. Both were children of Lisa Marie's first husband Danny Keough.

The lawsuit was settled in May. Details were not disclosed. Born Lisa Marie Her Presley in 1968, she followed in her father's footsteps as a musician and released three albums during her career. She is also known for four high-profile marriages to Keough, pop star Michael Jackson, actor Nicolas Cage, and musician Michael Lockwood. 

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The reasons that she died are reported to be that she had undergone surgery several years ago and had an intestinal issue that led to the death.

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