If you see a Lizard while eating; it indicates this sign!

Jul 11 2019 12:17 PM
If you see a Lizard while eating; it indicates this sign!

It is common to have a lizard in any house and its appearance. Every house is inhabited by lizards. Lizards are often visible on the walls of the house. But did you know that the Scriptures contain many omens associated with lizards? The elders at home also believe this. According to him, the appearance of a lizard at a particular time indicates the arrival of many good-luck signs in your life. That's what we're going to tell you today.

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Intercourse between lizards
If a person sees a couple of lizards having sex, it is an indication that they will soon meet an old friend.

lizard fight
If you see two lizards quarrelling, you may be likely to have a fight with a very close person or lover in the near days to come.

Seeing lizards while eating
It is considered a very auspicious sign if you see the lizard while eating. But if you've taken a new home and a dead lizard appears as soon as you step into the house, it's a stroke of huge bad luck. This means that there is negative energy in the house that will affect the health of the occupants. The house will continue to deteriorate.

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