Long Time Congress Rule Spells Trouble for Rajasthan: PM Modi

Kota:  At a rally in Kota, Rajasthan, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the state's Congress administration on a number of fronts and warned that if the grand old party is allowed to stay in power, more harm will be done to the region.

At a public gathering in Kota, Rajasthan, ahead of the upcoming election, Prime Minister Modi claimed that the Popular Front of India (PFI), a banned organisation, was receiving full police protection for their event.

"PFI rally is being carried out in full police protection; the longer such a Congress government remains in power, the more damage it will inflict on Rajasthan," the prime minister stated.

In September of last year, the Center outlawed the Popular Front of India (PFI) due to its purported linkages to international terrorist groups such as ISIS and its involvement in terrorist activities.

In a strong stance against the Congress government, Prime Minister Modi has vowed to take strict action against those involved in the recent paper leak, ensuring they face imprisonment.

Addressing the issue during his speech, PM Modi expressed deep concern over the impact of the paper leak on students, particularly those who flock to Kota from all corners of the country for educational purposes. He accused the Congress party of repeatedly shattering the aspirations of the nation's youth over the past five years by allegedly orchestrating paper leaks across various examinations.

"The Congress party has shattered the dreams of our youth by selling examination papers. I want to assure you that those responsible for this paper leak will face legal consequences and be put behind bars. This is my commitment," emphasized PM Modi.

Further intensifying his critique, the Prime Minister declared that the countdown for the Congress government in Rajasthan has commenced, asserting that the power of the people of Rajasthan will triumph over any form of magic wielded by political figures.

"Here, Ashok Gehlot may perform magic from any corner of the world, even resorting to black magic, but the true power lies with the people of Rajasthan. Congress will be wiped out from here before they realize it," PM Modi proclaimed.

He highlighted the growing discontent among the populace towards the Ashok Gehlot-led administration, especially among the youth, women, farmers, traders, and businessmen of Rajasthan, all yearning to break free from the Congress regime.

"The rage against the Congress government in Rajasthan is unprecedented. The people of Rajasthan seek liberation from Congress. They are the driving force behind the movement to rid India of Congress," PM Modi remarked.

Ealier, PM Modi delivered a public rally in Baran's Anta, referring to Ashok Gehlot as a "magician" whose influence is diminishing with each revelation surfacing in what he called the 'red diary.'

"Currently, discussions revolve around the 'Red Diary,' and with each page turned, the magician's image fades away. This diary explicitly exposes the alleged selling off of land, water, and forests under your administration," PM Modi asserted.

It's worth noting that the BJP has been aggressively asserting its possession of a purported "Red diary" containing damning evidence against the Ashok Gehlot-led government and its actions.

The electoral stage is set for the state's 200 assembly seats, with 199 set for contest on November 25, and the decisive counting scheduled for December 3

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