This one measure done in Sawan can shine your luck!

Jul 23 2019 07:00 PM
This one measure done in Sawan can shine your luck!

The month of Sawan is considered to be the best for the worship of Bholenath. Sawan is considered to be the month of Lord Shiva and several measures are taken to please him during this month. According to Panchag, the month of Sawan will be held from 17th July to 15th August. The month of Sawan is the month of water content and this time you can take several measures.

Yes, it is said that during the month of Sawan, both Venus and the Moon are strong and at the same time, both these planets easily provide happiness and prosperity. It is said that by strengthening these two planets, it is considered very beneficial to strengthen fortunes and worship Shiva with Venus and Chandra for wealth and luxury. Let us know the measures to be taken in Sawan.

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What to do in Sawan to receive wealth?

- For this, you should regularly offer a stream of water on the Shivling in Savan. At the same time, chant the impoverished mantra of Shivji in the morning and in the evening. Mantras: "Om Dardray Dukh Dahanmay Namah Shivaay" Should be sure to donate some money as much as possible every day.

What to do in Sawan to get rid of debt?

- Visit the Shiva Temple in Sawan every Tuesday to get rid of debt and first offer honey on the Shivling. Now, offer a stream of water on the Shivling and chant a special mantra while doing so. Mantra - After chanting the mantra "Om Rinumukteshwara Namah Shivaay" can pray for debt liberation.

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What to do in Sawan for early marriage?

After taking a bath in Sawan every morning to get married early, offer water to Shivaji every morning and now offer the belt to Shivaji as soon as you are. Then chant "Namah Shivaay". Now wear a two-faced or six-faced rudraksha and eat a sattvik diet throughout the savanna. Be careful to take this remedy every Monday of Sawan.

What to do in Sawan to strengthen luck?

To strengthen your fortune, offer water, bell leaves and fragrances on the Shivling in Sawan and chant the power of "Namah Shivaay". Now, after this, do a lesson or study of the Shiva Purana every day and touch the Shivling and wear a garland of Rudraksha or Rudraksha. Keep your allegiance to Shivaji.

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