These zodiacs signs can do these things on Mangala Gauri Vrat

Jul 23 2019 11:42 AM
These zodiacs signs can do these things on Mangala Gauri Vrat

Today is Tuesday and today is considered to be the day of worship of Mata Parvati, with Mangala Gauri Vrat today. Today you can do these things according to your zodiac sign so all the troubles of your life may end. So let's know the measures according to the amount.


Aries - People born in the Revati Nakshatra need to have some care, so feed a needy person today and if you have time, you must help a disabled person financially.

Taurus - Putting a picture of fish on the main door of the house on this day will help you a lot, but note that you have to put them in the northern part of the door.

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Gemini - If you are facing any difficulty in your marital relationship, you can donate the items of married things, such as bangles, bindi, vermilion to a married woman on this day.

Cancer - Today you should chant this mantra of Suryadev 108 times in Ravi Yoga to protect yourself from one's evil eye. These mantras are as follows: • Om Haang Heeng Hong Hanya: Suryaya Namak:

Leo - If you are going to start a new business today, wait for Ravi Yoga to start.

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Virgo - If you love someone and are afraid to say it to them, make sure to give your heart today and gift them a red rose today.

Libra - Today if there are some complications going on in your love life, bring a pen-like wood from the Mahua tree in the Rewati Nakshatra today and take the vermilion from that wood, make a swastika sign over the coconut and place it in the house temple, you will get the benefit.

Scorpio - Today, if you are in a tense situation, break a leaf of Mahua in the morning in the Rewati Nakshatra and take it home with clean water and wash it with clean water and put 'Shri Ram' on it in your purse or vault.

Sagittarius - If you feel that you have negative energy in your house for a long time, plant mahua trees in the open part of the house.

In the month of Sawan, don't wear this coloured dress or else...!

Capricorn - Today you offer Durva to lord Ganesha to earn wealth.

Aquarius - Today you put the idol of Lord Ganesha in the Rewati Nakshatra on the main door.

Pisces - If you want to put an end to your troubles today, offer a vermilion to Ganesha.

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