Lost your family in the face of terrorism, but never wavered by duty

On Anti-Terrorism Day, all those people who kept protecting the country without caring for their own lives in the dark era of terrorism are also remembered. The worst phase has been witnessed by the Punjab Police. The terrorists targeted his home and family. There are many families who have lost their loved ones in terrorism but have not succumbed to them. Never deviate from its duty of protecting the country and the people. His steps in the fight against terror never wavered. Even today, they continue to be the watchdogs of the country and society and are fulfilling their duties well.

On the night of October 7-8, 1991, it was a mild cold. That night has created havoc in the life of Ramji of Village Lihan near Mullanpur Dakha. In that dark era of terrorism, his father Inspector Bhag Singh, brother Darshan Singh were SPO and Ramji himself was serving as a constable in Patiala police. Remembering that night, Ram ji gets emotional. It is said that it was mother's death anniversary that day. Relatives also came home.

Father Bhag Singh, son Manpreet Singh, he himself, brother Parsan Singh, aunt Bhagwan Kaur, his son Gurmeet Singh Kuku, Aunt's son Gurmeet Singh, aunt's son Gurmeet Singh, brother's brother-in-law Gurmeet Singh Mita were all in deep sleep. At night, suddenly the terrorists attacked the house and started firing indiscriminately. My father and I saved lives by hiding in a room with a bangle. His 1.25-year-old son Manpreet was injured due to bullet injuries in the leg and stomach. All the rest were shot dead by the terrorists. At that time, the terrorists wanted to break their morale by attacking the police, so they were targeting their families. Both brothers and relatives were lost. After which the father and I decided not to back down. They did not stop serving in the police. Even after that, many times the terrorists were confronted. In 1994, his father died of a heart attack. Ram ji is still serving as an ASI in the Punjab Police.

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