Love Sonia Movie Review: The Shocking story of dirty business and helplessness

Sep 15 2018 09:02 AM
Love Sonia Movie Review: The Shocking story of dirty business and helplessness

The figures for flash trade are quite high in the Indian subcontinent, due to the increasing hunger. These three reasons push innocent people into the sex market in different ways; In this world, the human body is merely a thing to buy, a story from this world is Love Sonia.

Story :
Sonia is looking for her sister, who was sold by her father due to poverty, her journey to find her sister is the story of the film.

This movie shows same bitter truth is that how poverty pushes poor people into the trade of their body. The film will give you an idea of this horrible world, you will feel suffocated in this world full of lively initiatives in deep darkness. This is the biggest plus point of this movie, the atmosphere is created right, art direction of a film, look and feel of the film, costume design and film camerawork is quite good. For this reason, you will get such a relief that you are in those infamous streets and are watching these women's stories. The first half is well written, the second half hits the movie a bit wandering but the overall is quite good. Like Madhur Bhandarkar's films, the character of this movie, they all talk in their own language and do as much as they should, the background music of the film rests.


All the star cast of the film, such as Richa Chadha, Freida Pinto, Sai Tamhankar, Rajkumar Rao, Manoj Bajpayee, Anupam Kher, Adil Hussain and Demi Moore have performed very well according to their characters. In the film Anupam Kher He does not have a big role, but he does complete justice with his share. Tabrez Noorani has done a great job of film directing and story. Just as the scenes of the prostitution are shown, only hatred will arise in your mind.

Mrinal Thakur has made tremendous and strong debut from Love Sonia. Her eyes and expressions talk, and for this reason, her character gets into your heart. 

Weak Links:
The weak link in the film is probably its 'A' certificate. Because of that, it has a limited audience. If you are not fond of serious films then this movie is not made for you.

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