Video calls from unknown numbers can become a threat to you, be careful!

Right now the era of social media is going on, at this time social media is becoming the biggest weapon to befriend unknown people and then blackmailing. People are getting video calls from unknown numbers. If someone fraudulently attached a video call, then understand that the person is going to be the victim of blackmailing. On many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Honey Trap can be a friendship with an unknown young man or girl.

Ankit, a 28-year-old engineer working in the same software company, became a victim of such a honey trap. In fact, last week, suddenly, at 11 o'clock in the night, a video call came on Ankit's phone from an unknown number. As Ankit picked up the video call, a pornographic photo of a girl surfaced on the other side. Suddenly, seeing the video call from an unknown number and then the girl who was undressing on that video call, Ankit could not understand anything.

He stopped the video call in a short time. The next day a message came to his phone number. On seeing the message, Ankit was in shock. In the message, he asked for money on Google Play. Due to non-payment of money, his pornographic videos started threatening to go viral. Ankit could not understand how all of this happened suddenly and even now, how can we take the help of the law? Because on one hand there was the fear of getting pornographic video videos viral, on the other hand, fear of losing respect in society due to obscenity on social media. This case is not just about Ankit. The cyber unit of UP Police is receiving such complaints continuously. There has been an increase in these for the last few months. So it is important for you not to engage in any such unknown video call.

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