Lucknow's father and son murdered a young man because of the old enmity.

Lucknow: A shocking incident has emerged from the city of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Where after killing a man with a knife, he also damaged his eyes. This case is being told about the old enmity. The police have filed a case against the criminal Cotyledonand his son, and the criminal son has been taken into custody, but his father is still being reported as absconding. 

According to the news received, Saroj, who is 26 years old, of Patona village in Mal Thana area of ​​Lucknow, was returning home from his farm with his younger brother Rahul. Due to this, the village CotyledonMoolachandra and his son Dharamvir, who, stopped the person on the road and started abusing him. On opposing this, Cotyledonand his son hit an iron rod on the head of the person. 

The young man fell down due to the iron rod on his head, then slept to death after attacking with knives. Not only this, the father-son broke the eyes of the deceased and escaped from the occasion by committing the crime. There is a situation of mourning in the family due to the death of the young son. The police have taken the corpse and sent it for postmortem and are investigating the case. The police have registered a case against the criminal-accused father-son on the information of deceased person Saroj's father Pannalal. Dharamvir is taken into custody while the search for Moolachandra continues. Police say that Moolchandra will also be arrested soon.

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