Insult of Hindu gods and goddesses in Madhuban song, anger of people erupted

A song from Sunny Leone has appeared on YouTube on a channel called 'Saregama Music.' The name of this song is 'Madhuban.' Sunny is dancing to the style choreographed by Ganesh Acharya in this song. You can hear the mainline of this song is 'Nache, Madhuban Mein Radhika Nache'. This gives you an understanding of how Bollywood takes the word Radha/Radhika and how it sees Sri Krishna and Radha's 'Raslila'. In fact, the song is now causing anger among the people and people are increasingly trolling Sunny. Earlier, Radha Teri Chunari, a song from Student of the Year, has already created anger among the people.


The lyrics of the song were: 'O Radha Teri Chunari, O Radha Tera Jhalla, O Radha Teri Natkhat Nazariya, Radha on the Dance Floor.' Radha likes to party. Radha likes to move that. Sexy Radha body. With the lyrics of this song, you can understand the respect Bollywood has for Hindu deities. In Bollywood, Hindu deities have often been mocked and insulted by people, but still, this trend is not stopping in Bollywood. Now talking about Madhuban song it begins with the line 'Nache Madhuban Mein Radhika, Jungle Mein Nache Jaise Mor Re Sanwariya More'.

Look at the other lines of this song – 'Chali Main Bijli Girakar, Madhuban Mein Radhika Nache', 'Ghanghor Jawani Hoon, Teri Preet Purani Hoon, By birth Diwali Hoon, Chali Main Ghadar Macha Ke – Radhika Nache in Madhuban. It also features Sunny Leone in a 'revealing dress' and tries her best to make the song glamorous using everything from water to dance moves. In view of this, people are increasingly calling Sunny shameless. Many people have asked Sunny to stay within her limits. Many users are asking Sunny to delete the song and apologize.

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