Girl guarding farm with brother gang-raped, accused absconding

Oct 01 2020 02:09 PM
Girl guarding farm with brother gang-raped, accused absconding

Bhopal: While the entire country is in outrage following the death of a gang rape victim in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh, three persons allegedly raped a minor girl in Khargon in Madhya Pradesh.  Khargon Superintendent of Police Shailendra Singh Chouhan informed that the victim was guarding the field with his brother at midnight.

Meanwhile, three people came and wounded her brother by hitting a baton, after which the accused picked up the girl and carried out the gang rape incident. The girl's brother, as he visited the village, briefed the people about the incident. The villagers then rushed to the field, but by then the accused had escaped. The villagers then informed the police. The police have provided medical treatment to the victim. The absconding accused are being researched. However, the police have been in an unclaimed situation in the bike village of the accused.

The victim's brother told the police that at midnight, the three men had come to the field by bike and asked for water, after which they had gone, but after a while the three came back and started quarrelling with me and wounded me with a baton.  The police is currently investigating the case.

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