Father-Son duo raped the girl in pretext of marriage, know the whole matter
Father-Son duo raped the girl in pretext of marriage, know the whole matter

Bhopal: A sensational case has come to light from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, in which a case of rape has been registered against father and son. Both of them raped a girl on different occasions on the pretext of marriage. Complaining to the police, the 24-year-old girl has said that the boyfriend continued to physically exploit her by promising marriage, after which the boyfriend's father made a physical relationship with her by promising to get the son married. A case has been registered on the complaint of the victim, but the accused have not been arrested yet. Police are raiding in search of father and son.

According to the Nishatpura police, the victim is a resident of the Chhola Mandir area. In their complaint, the police said that she has been working in a cosmetic shop in Chowk Bazar since 2019. Accused Ibrahim alias Sameer also works in the same shop. While working together, they became friends. After a few days of conversation, Ibrahim proposed the victim, which she accepted. There is a warehouse above the shop. As soon as the victim went there, he too followed her. Ibrahim kept physically abusing her on the promise of marriage.

The victim said that the accused started calling her on the pretext of meeting her at the hotel near Alpana Tirahe and Chetan Market. He raped her several times there as well. This year when she asked him to marry, he was reluctant. When pressured, Ibrahim flatly retracted. When the victim went to her father Sajid with Ibrahim's complaint, Sajid, assuming the son's mistake, promised to get her married to him. One day Sajid, Ibrahim's father, took me to the Brickkhedi area. Sajid also raped me there. After this, he was again called in Karond and raped. After doing all this, now Sajid refused to marry saying that the son is not yet ready for marriage.

The victim says that when she threatened the accused to complain to the police, both the accused took her to the court. There she met a lawyer and got a fake marriage agreement made. After this Ibrahim took the victim to his house. Kept together for a few days, then drove her away from home. On Saturday, the victim informed the police about the incident after reaching Nishatpura police station. The police called both the accused to the police station, but they did not come.

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