Tantric brutally murdered 8-year-old innocent in front of father
Tantric brutally murdered 8-year-old innocent in front of father

Datia: The sensation spread in Lahar Haveli village of Datia district of Madhya Pradesh on Friday evening when an 8-year-old child was strangled to death by a young man in front of his house. It is being told that the father of the accused young man performs tantric actions and the reason for killing is the sacrifice. Neighbors believe that the accused is of a whimsical nature, so it may be that the accused did so at the father's behest.

According to the information, the incident is of Lahar Haveli. Ratan Kushwaha, a resident of the area, told the police that he had visited his farm on Friday as usual. He said that, as he was returning from the farm at 6 in the evening, he noticed that his neighbor Bablu Kushwaha was holding his 8-year-old son, Shiva, on the platform. Because the child knew the father in advance that the accused is of eccentric tendency and can do anything.

By the time they ran and reached the platform, they saw that the son's neck was slightly stuck and his body was lying bloodied. The father tied his towel on the son's neck, but by then the son died. The father of the deceased stated that he is a farmer by profession. Also, there is no enmity with anyone in his village. The villagers said that the father of the accused Bablu performs tantric actions. It is doubtful that only at the behest of his father, accused Bablu killed him as sacrifice.

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