Tribute not given to Sheila Dikshit in the House, BJP slammed Congress
Tribute not given to Sheila Dikshit in the House, BJP slammed Congress

New Delhi: Former Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit passed away at 3:55 p.m. on Saturday, after which she was cremated at Nigambodh Ghat on Sunday. During Sheila Dikshit's funeral, several veterans, including UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, were present. After his death, mourns were held in every corner of the country. But in the meantime, in Bhopal tribute was not paid to former delhi CM.  

Madhya Pradesh Assembly on Sunday did not pay homage to former CM Sheila Dikshit, accusing the BJP of not paying homage to Sheila Dikshit in the House because she did not belong to the Gandhi family. The BJP staged an uproar and even staged a walkout from the House.

All this happened in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly when the BJP demanded a five-minute adjournment of the House to pay homage to Sheila Dikshit in the House. On this, the Speaker said that the demand for paying homage to Sheila Dikshit should be brought to the agenda first, after which the House will be adjourned and the Speaker rejected the BJP's demand. After which the BJP staged a big uproar.

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