BHIM Army Chief Chandrashekhar arrested from Bhopal airport

Bhopal: BHIM Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad, who arrived in Bhopal to join the ongoing agitation related to the OBC reservation in MP, has been arrested by the police from the airport itself. BHIM Army officials tweeted that the police were already waiting for Chandrashekhar at the airport and he was taken into custody as soon as he came out. On the other hand, politics over OBC reservation is on the rise after which police are checking trains and buses coming to Bhopal. Barricades are being checked on the routes entering the city. OBC organisations had today announced a siege of the CM's residence after which the police are being strict.

According to the news received, after the announcement of the demonstration of OBC organizations, on Sunday, the police arrested the workers of the organization from place to place. Many people were gathering near the MLA rest house since morning, all of them are said to be workers of OBC organizations. The police told them to move away, but failing this, they are being taken into custody and sent to other places by buses. OBC organizations are protesting for the demand of 27% reservation, these individuals are angry with the ending of Backward Category (OBC) reservation in urban body and panchayat elections.

In view of the announcement of OBC organisations, the police have sealed all routes leading to the Chief Minister's residence. The administration has sent notices to 8 officials belonging to the organizations in view of the possibility of corona and breach of peace. More than 100 OBC Mahasabha workers had gathered near MLA Rest House who has been taken into custody. Activists and functionaries of OBC related organizations, Jayas, BHIM Army have also been arrested from Parwalia, Hoshangabad Road, Lalghati, Gandhinagar, Vidisha Road, Raisen Road, Karond Chowk.

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