Bhopal: 2 young brothers assaults and raped their elder sister

Oct 17 2020 12:56 PM
Bhopal: 2 young brothers assaults and raped their elder sister

Bhopal: Nowadays cases of crime are increasing day by day. A shocking case has recently come up which will blow your senses. The matter is being reported from Bhopal. In Bhopal, two younger brothers have committed a gang-rape with their divorced elder sister. In this case, it is being told that she had separated from her husband and after that, she was living in her maternal home. In this case, the girl has alleged that her parents have also beaten her to hide the whole matter.

After some 8 months after this case, somehow he has reached Misrod police station and filed a case of gang rape against the brothers and assault on the parents. In this case, the Misrod police have reported that the 36-year-old woman is divorced. She lives with parents in Maize, located in Misrod. In this case, the police also said, 'The age of these two younger brothers has been stated to be 32 and 35 years'. In this case, the victim lodged an FIR against the brothers and father at Misrod police station on Thursday evening, in which she told that her brothers came to her room at around 12:30 pm on 24 February 2020. The victim further told that they cover her mouth with their hand and forcibly took it to the terrace. After that, put red chilli in her eyes, they first assaulted her and after that both raped her.

After that, till about 5:30 in the morning both continued to do the same with her. After that when she reached down, the parents, seeing her condition, beat her and asked her to hide everything. Now in this case, the victim alleges that she wanted to report to the police station, but the parents did not support. Although no arrests have been made so far in this case but the investigation is going on.

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