MP: 40 pyres burnt simultaneously baby girl said, "Mom is going take a photo"

Bhopal: The rising figures of Corona in Madhya Pradesh capital Bhopal are surprising everyone. With these figures increasing here, the death figures are also increasing. Death due to corona infection is happening fast and due to this, a large number of pyre are burning here. Here, more than 40 pyres are seen burning together in one day, which is a shocking scene. According to the information received, these were the bodies of all the corona infected. Photojournalist Sanjeev has told the story of the horrors of Corona in Bhopal by quoting a picture.

He said, 'When I went to cover the last rites of the corona infected at Bhadbhada rest on Thursday evening, I thought it would be a normal thing here, but after 6 pm, the speed of the dead bodies of the infected started increasing. During this time I shot some photo videos with drone cameras and still cameras. He further said, 'At that time there were 45 bodies burning together. It was not known from below, but as soon as I moved the drone at a height, I was surprised to see the scene on the screen. The procession of the dead body was going on till about seven and a half in the evening. I had also clicked photos during the Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984, but I had never seen such a horrific scene'.

With this, he told, 'While clicking the photo, there was such an issue which kept me restless all night. While I was clicking the photo, the brothers and sisters between the ages of 10 and 12 were standing near me. Pointing to the black smoke emanating from the electric crematorium of Bhadbhada Vishram Ghat, the girl said to me - Uncle, my mother is going, please take a picture of her. The moment and the scene were such that one does not forget, that girl's voice kept echoing in my ears throughout the night. I could not sleep all night. I will only say that, O God, end this epidemic soon and have mercy on the earth'

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