Married woman living in live-in, lover murdered and buried in house
Married woman living in live-in, lover murdered and buried in house

Khargone: In Madhya Pradesh's Khargone district, the accused who killed his girlfriend and killed her in his new house has been arrested. The girlfriend was killed due to suspicion of the character. To bury the woman, a pit was already made in the house and with the help of a real brother, cousin and mother, the body of the woman was buried in a pit of 3 to 4 feet and a cement plaster was made from above. The accused was absconding since the incident. The police has arrested the main accused in the murder. The mother, brother and cousin who helped in the murder had already been apprehended by the police.

The carcass of a woman buried under a cement plaster was stirred by digging in the presence of a magistrate in the second room of a closed house at Mohenkheri in Bhikangaon police station area, 40 km from the district headquarters. On January 3, 2021, the police station at Bhikangaon started the investigation by registering a missing person on the information of going away without informing his girl Chhaya Bai. It was feared by the family that the village Mohankhedi may have gone with her due to her love affair with Santosh Golkar. Santosh Golkar and Chhaibai were investigated and informants were used to gather information. On 27 January 2021, information was received that Santosh has buried the dead body in his own house after killing Chhabai.

On getting quick information on this, SDM Bhikangaon got written permission to excavate the house and in the presence of Executive Magistrate Naib Tehsildar Bhikgaon, excavated the house of Santosh Golkar, then the body of Chhaibai was found at about 3 feet 5 inches. During this time, on the basis of circumstantial evidence and statements, a case under section 302, 201, 34 of IPC was registered and taken into the investigation. Taking the matter of murder seriously, Superintendent of Police Khargone Shailendra Singh Chauhan directed for the early arrest of the accused. For the arrest of absconding accused Santosh father Kishore Golkar age 42, resident Mohankheri, a reward of Rs 10,000 was placed on the arrest of the absconding accused by the Superintendent of Police.

For this action, information was collected by activating the informers and police staff, as a result, Bhikangaon police arrested Santosh, the main accused of the murder. The accused said on interrogation that he and Chhaibai had a love affair, both of whom wanted to get married, from which Santosh sold his land and built a new house and made other arrangements, but in the meantime, Santhobai got suspicious of Chhaibai's character. He dug the pit in the house by making use of the water tank from the village's wage laborer, Damdia, a laborer. Then Chhaibai was murdered by calling her home and with the help of mother Sakubai, brother Sunil and aunt of the boy Anil, buried the dead Chaibai's body and plastered it in the house, which no one suspected. Ho.

After the incident, the main accused Santosh remained absconding. On 5 February 21, co-accused in the case, Sunil, father teen age 28 years, Mohankheri, Anil father, Mitharam, 25 years, Piprad, Sakubai husband, teen age 58 years, Mohankhedi were arrested and produced in court. Santosh, the main accused of the incident, who was absconding since the date of the incident, has been sieged from the district Betul after receiving information from the informer.

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